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Fur Gray Studios

The Catsby Ottoman

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Hidey hole. Restricted area. Chamber of Secrets. However you say it, there’s no questioning that the quintessential cat cave is a must in any cat person’s home. Why are small spaces so important for a cat? There are several reasons but the main one is that tight quarters provide felines with a sense of security and comfort, an instinct that comes naturally in order to protect themselves from predators (read: the vacuum). The second reason is that it is a means for thermoregulation, which helps keep themselves warm.

The Catsby Ottoman is a functional furniture piece that provides a safe hiding place for your cat and can also be used as an ottoman or footrest. The Mid-Century Modern-inspired design highlights a simple, upholstered body and minimalist wooden legs, which offer a slight elevation that enhances the feline’s sense of safety. Both the exterior and interior of the ottoman are covered in faux shearling teddy fleece.


Height: 15 in (38 cm)
Width: 11 in (27 cm)

Care Information

Lint roll the exterior and interior of the ottoman.

The fleece used to cover the exterior and interior of the Ottoman is fixed into the body of the product with the use of staples. We recommend regular inspection of the product for any exposed staples that may cause injury to your pet. Fur Gray Studios is not responsible for any harm to your pet that results from the use of our products.

Instructions for Assembly

You can download a PDF version of the assembly instructions here. (Download)