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Fur Gray Studios

The Dion Bed

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Say hello to the most luxurious cat bed ever. An extra floofy faux fur cover creates a cozy layer on top of an orthopaedic memory foam base. The firmness of the foam is perfectly balanced with a springy resilience that will make this a favorite resting spot for even the pickiest of kitties. 

The cover is machine washable, easily removed via a double zip enclosure on the underside of the bed, and the inner liner is also water-resistant. Whether you have a bebe who loves napping, or a senior cat with sensitive joints, The Dion Bed is the lavish sleeping spot that your pet deserves.


Outer Layer: faux fur

Core: memory foam


Length: 33.5 in (85 cm)
Width: 22 in (55 cm)
Thickness: 2.8 in (7 cm)

Care Information

The faux fur outer cover is machine washable. A gentle cycle and tumble dry with low heat is recommended. For maintenance in between washes, we recommend using a lint roller to remove pet hair.

For best results, we recommend allowing the product to decompress for 24 hours after removing from the packaging.