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Fur Gray Studios

The Starter Kit

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Whether you’re a newly anointed cat parent or looking for the perfect gift for that certain devoted cat person, The Starter Kit is all you need to commence your new cat life. Our bundle of essentials is everything your cat desires when it comes to the perfect ways to Sleep, Scratch and Play.

The Catsby Ottoman is a functional furniture piece that provides a safe hiding place (or snooze cave) for your cat and can also be used as an ottoman or footrest. The Tallie Scratcher is a chic scratch board made out of natural woven sisal and enclosed within a negative iron frame. And last but not least, The Theo Toy is a reimagination of the classic ball track toy, constructed with warm, natural wood for a chic rendition of the kitty favorite.

A value of $230 USD.

Care Information

For The Catsby Ottoman, lint roll the exterior and interior of the ottoman.

The fleece used to cover the exterior and interior of the Ottoman is fixed into the body of the product with the use of staples. We recommend regular inspection of the product for any exposed staples that may cause injury to your pet. Fur Gray Studios is not responsible for any harm to your pet that results from the use of our products.

For The Tallie Scratcher, lint roll the sisal surface. Wipe the negative ion frame with a damp cloth.

For The Theo Toy, wipe with a damp cloth.